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Before there live's changed 2
In the beginning, they looked different.

Ling was the nerdy kind of gal in her new school and tried to fit in but couldn't make the cut so much.

In school Jade was the bull for girls in school especially to the new girls like Ling and she as a temper explains way she has the power of fire.

Debra is Jade's best friend and loves to bring the drama and her looks.

Taylor is the out cast because of how she looks and she is the kind of girl that did not get out of her Gothic rebellious stage in life.
Dark Force
This is another bunch of girls who were also caught in the explosion, but they took a more dangerous rout instead.

The first one is Ling Mow aka Avatar, unlike the Element 4 she can control all four elements and her appearance has changed greatly.

Next we have Jade Wilson aka Red Phoenix, her appearance has also changed greatly, her skin is now orange, she as grown a horse tail and wings, and she can breath and throw fire.

Next is Debra Book aka Night Fry, like the others her appearance as also changed, she has incect wings, her skin has turned purple, and she can fry people with lighting.

Finally we have Taylor Ruth aka Dark Angle, her skin has turned gray and has pick black wings and has a full set of armor.
Before there live's changed
This is how they look before the explosion

Max has not changed much, Ann had blond hair before and white skin, Grace doesn't have a horse tail, and this is what Tear looks like in human form and she goes by Jane instead.
Element 4
First we have Maxcine aka Red Flame she has the power of fire due her mother being an Egyptian Goddess.

Next Tear aka War maiden, Tear is among an ancient race of demons until they went to war against the Ascendants and the primordial's, and she has some power over the element of earth and is super fast and strong so watch out.

Up next we have Ann aka Aquarius.

Finally we have Grace aka Stallion Storm, She has the power of air and can generate large amounts to make some twisters so shes fast really fast.

before they had there power exuding Tear, all their powers were dormant and awakened after a strange explosion happen and for two of then they slightly mutated, Ann's skin and hair turned light blue, and Grace gained super speed and agility, and also a horse tail, and Maxcine slightly is on fire but did not burn her.
Later on they meet Tear.


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